Pre-semester Reflection

Hej Everyone!

Hvordan går det? (How goes it)

Wow, this is my first post in awhile and of the year. Happy New Year!

For winter break I have been traveling around Europe. Part of me wanted to go home because I have been feeling home sick but in the end I decided to stay in Europe and go on adventures. Traveling is something I have always wanted to do, literally a dream come true. I had to convince myself not to go home because I knew I would regret it if I did.

I have been able to visit warmer countries in Europe such as Portugal and Spain so that gave me my sunshine fix and helped me charge abit. I also visited my cousin in UK and my younger sister ended up coming to Europe last minute to join me in my travels , so that has definitely helped me with my homesickness.

I am very excited for the new year and semester. As many of you know, this is my last semester of my under graduate degree and I am beyond excited. I am looking forward to what the second semester of DIS has in store for me. I know it will be a total different experience from last semester considering that I had time to adjust to everything last semester. I think my spring semester in DIS will be very similar to my routine while I was attending Cal State Northridge, minus the overtime working part.

I just wanted to give a shout out to all the upcoming DIS students that reached out to me on Facebook. I can only imagine the excitement and nervousness you are feeling. I was in your shoes beginning of last semester. Everyone’s study abroad experience is different. You may experience and feel things you did not expect. Being abroad is not always rainbows and butterflies but definitely will be the best experience of your life. Good luck to all of you and do not be afraid to try new things and get out of your comfort zone. Who knows , you might have new interest and hobbies by the end of the semester. (:



2 thoughts on “Pre-semester Reflection

  1. Hello Zainy! I am plaining on studying abroad next semester. The DIS Copenhagen program is my best choice, so I want to know more about it. Could you tell me your e-mail or Facebook account?


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