Being Vegetarian in a non-veg Homestay

For my first semester I was in a Vegetarian homestay which was convenient to have. However, this semester I am in a homestay that is not Vegetarian but we are still able to manage. This semester I have also gotten introduced to more Danish food. I thought it would be hard being the only Vegetarian in the house but it’s been quite easy. One thing I want to add is for the purpose of making things easier I decided to add fish to my diet this semester. This is something you do not have to do and DIS will make sure to find a homestay that can cater to your diet. Following are some dinner meals I wanted to share to show how easy it is to find substitute/ how my homestay accommodates to my diet.

Day 1: This is a Danish dish called Braendende kaerlighed and pretty much it’s mashed potatoes mixed with other toppings. My Homestay family had sausage, bacon and onions on theirs. I had broccoli, mushroom , onions, and vegan sausage on mine.

Day 2: We made pizza so I put mushrooms and spinach on mine while they had meat on theirs.

Day 3: We had vegetable stirred fried noodles and my host mom cooked the chicken separately as well as the shrimp. I added shrimp to my stir fried noodles. Totally forgot to take a picture of my plate but here is a picture of the pot 😛

Day 4: We had fish filet, steamed vegetables and potatoes with Hollandaise sauce which I had never had before and I absolutely love it! Especially on my vegetables

Day: 5 My host sister make leek soup which I had never had before, it was pretty good and surprisingly filling as well. Forgot to take a picture again so here is a picture of the pot.

Day 6: We had spaghetti , so I made my separate sauce with mushroom and vegan sausage added.

Day 7: My host mom and siblings went on a ski trip so I ended up making a package spaghetti with cheese sauce. I also added sautéed mushrooms to it to give it a little kick .

As you can see, regardless of the fact that my homestay family eats meat, it has been easy for me to have different kinds of food.

If you run into the issue of not feeling like you are eating variety of foods I would advice that you talk to your homestay family and give them suggestions of what you would like to eat. Additionally, offer to cook dinner here and there or maybe ask if they need help. Consider going shopping with them the first few times so you can pick out possible Vegetarian substitutes to try.


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