COVID-19: Returning Home

Hello everyone.

I wanted to post an update before I continue to unpack my 8 months in Copenhagen. Due to COVID-19, DIS cancelled our study tour, which was really upsetting because we found out few days before we were going to leave. However, due to the increase cases around Europe including many cities had business closed, I think it was a good decision on behalf DIS to ensure our safety. After hearing this news, many of us were deeply saddened, I remember talking to my friends about ways we can still make our study tour week better. Only to find out within few days that all of the students at DIS had to return home by March 19th. When I received this email, there was also news that trump was going to close borders and did not clarify that U.S. citizens were still allowed to come back. This night was very stressful because I was trying to find a flight back home and many flight prices were sky rocket high. Everything happend so fast. I booked my flight for March 14th at 6A.M.

Many of us had to get flights back home as soon as we could, I was only able to say bye to one of my friends. The weekend I was leaving was the same weekend my host family went on a trip to Jutland to visit family. My last day with them was spent having breakfast before they headed out. I was so saddened to say goodbye so soon. We had so many things planned for the month of April and the weather was starting to get warmer. My host family gifted me a very thoughtful last minute present to take home with me which included my favorite candy that I used to pick out from all the assorted candies in the bowl during movie nights. They knew how much I loved my host moms bread rolls and she gave me the recipe to take home. They also gave me boxes of Hollandaise sauce which I had previously mentioned I wanted to take home to California because how much I loved it. And last but the least, they gave me a box of chocolate with a silly picture of me wrapped with clear wrapping paper. I did not realize it was my picture until few minutes passed by and we all laughed about my silly picture including the fact that I did not notice until the end.

Returning home has been quite an adjustment because I did not plan to return home so early but I am thankful to have returned safe and healthy. I have had prospective students reach out to me through email about sharing some aspects of my study abroad experience, therefore, although I am still not in Copenhagen I will still be writing about my experience. I love it when prospective students reach out to me. If there are any particular questions you continue to have, please do let me know. (:

Stay safe,


2 thoughts on “COVID-19: Returning Home

  1. Glad that you are safe and everything turned out okay. I enjoy reading about your experiences out there. Will they resume the program after this passes, or will you have to apply for the next semester coming?


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